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The spirituality of descent

The spirituality of descent

Ascension to descent


n spiritual communities there is often a striving or seeking for ascension. By ascending I mean becoming fully enlightened, pure, clear and one with God. This is indeed the ascension process; to realize the self as God and the already whole, one, perfect, divine state of everything.

In the ascension process you become more identified with your formless state rather than your physical form. People term this the ultimate spirituality and it is indeed bliss. Outside of spiritual communities there is relatively little awareness that this ascension process even exists. People tend to be identified with themselves as their physical form, the roles they play and as a separate human being.

For some who experience ascension while embodied in a physical body it is their purpose to simply stay at that “frequency of awareness". The thing about this state of being is that it’s not relational in the ways we currently relate because there is no other thing to relate too and there is nothing to “do” because everything is perfect. I think of monks sitting in silent meditation and being the awareness of ultimate self while sitting on a mountain somewhere. That life purpose is important and relevant for some of us, but not for most of us.

Those of us who’ve had “awakening” experiences can sometimes find it difficult to re-integrate or find their place here on earth. The primary reason for this is because they have not fully awoken. Meaning they had a taste of oneness and bliss, but still have some more work to do at the level of the mind before fully realizing their nature. Another reason integration can be challenging is because there is such stark contrast between that state of knowing oneself in pure essence and the disconnection and separateness that exists here on earth. The suffering that is experienced is the suffering of all and for some that crushes them and makes them incapable of participating with life here on earth. This again points to the need to do more work with the self.

What does it mean to descend?

Merging God and human here

Descent is one step beyond our current perceived state of spirituality. While all the striving to realize self as God is necessary many people think that is where it stops, but really that is just the beginning. Those that have fully experienced ascent are able to effortlessly move into descent instead of to a lower stage of healing consciousness where more personal work needs to be done.

In descent we are fully aware of what and who we are and what our gifts are to share with the earth. It is no longer overwhelming nor are we lost in our suffering or the world’s suffering. We still see the suffering and it motivates us to participate with human life in very specific ways that are unique to us and that which our essence emits and shares. Descent appears more relational then ascent. Even though there is still no other, there is acknowledgment and inclusion of this human form and experience.

To descend is what allows us to have a direct impact on others and this planet. Through this process our human heart is broken open more and more which gives us the capacity to be of greater and greater service. We retain the awareness and knowing of ascension and bring that awareness here now through our beingness in form on this planet.

A few examples of people that have mastered this level of consciousness would be Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Jesus, and Martin Luther King, Jr. These beings had such passion and vision that exceeded that of the ordinary, self-protective consciousness that most people live their life in. They reached beyond themselves to serve all, which could only be accomplished through first knowing who and what they were. That awareness and liberation provided them with what they needed to bring their soul’s gifts through and onto this planet.

Amanda Hessel

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