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Living Awake

Living Awake

The structure of the creation

You have all heard me and other’s say that we are in a time of awakening on this planet. I feel that this emerging and eminent awakening often gets referenced but the specifics are not always clear and therefore a lot of assumptions get made. Due to this, awakening can seem kind of distance, other than us or theoretical, and not really a lived experience. This all poses the questions of what exactly does being in the time of awakening mean and beyond that what does it mean to live awake?

I will share a brief synopsis of how I’ve come to understand the structure of creation and what it means to be in a time of awakening. Most of this understanding comes from the Law of One which is channeled material from a group entity called Ra. As always take what resonates and leave what does not. The universe is structured into 7 densities. Each density correspond to a color on the spectrum of light. Red 1st density, orange 2nd density, yellow 3rd density, green 4th density and so on. As humans we are currently in 3rd density, while our planet Earth, vibrates in 4th density. 1st density lessons are about simply being (we see this in rocks and mountains), 2nd density lessons are about growth and movement (we see this in planets and animals), 3rd density is about learning there is a “somebody” here not just flesh, aka developing self-awareness, and 4th density lessons are about love and understanding. There is more beyond that, but what is relevant for this current planetary-human interaction is this 3rd to 4th density transition.

Because our planet is already vibrating in 4th density and the humans on top of this planet are in 3rd density, there is a disharmony occurring, hence why we see so much chaos right now, and also why we are in a time of awakening. When massive awakening is needed it is frequently proceeded by massive chaos as old structures, thought systems and beliefs deconstruct to make space for the new. This means that we must complete our lessons of self-awareness and begin our lessons into love. This is what we are currently awakening into, the nature of love and understanding, which is inclusive of the previous densities and also transcends beyond them.

The way to make this transition from self-awareness into love & understanding is through choosing a specific polarity. That polarity is either service to self (which consists of using control and manipulation over others to gain power) or service to others (which consists of devoting your life to serve the collective, empower and see all as the one creator). Often what happens when people make their choice, particular the service to others path, is a distortion towards martyrdom (aka giving without discerning where love might best serve). This is not bad or wrong and in fact what is needed to make the transition, but it is ultimately out of balance. No worries though this will get balanced later on in 5th and 6th densities.

Making the transition into love

Embodying living awake

This is what is means to be in a time of awakening. To be living here on earth right now while this transition is underway. There are deeper and deeper awakenings at other levels of being, but this particular level of awakening which I just described is what I understand to be the most presently relevant. It is what most of us came to this planet to assist with and why so many of us feel a strong connection to being love, living love and expressing love.

Now that awakening and how it’s currently manifesting its relevance in our present time has been addressed we must explore what is it to live awake in a density /reality that is based on love and understanding. What are the fundamental ingredients and factors? What does it look like, feel like, how do we interact, etc.?

From my experiences I’ve come to discover some seemingly very basic underlying principles that we must completely embody to live awake in a density of love. The first principle (which really seems to encompass the totality) is that of knowing and being fully rested in the the ok-ness of everything. This means that we must stop judging anything as out of place, wrong, or not right. This includes all of the actions or non-actions of ourselves, others, the weather, environment, plants, animals, etc. Nothing gets excluded. It must all be seen as ok. What this does is breaks down our self protective defenses that keep us separate, isolated and in competition or at odds with other expressions of life. To say that one thing is wrong is to say all things are wrong, because all is one. This is one of the most important lessons for the perceived individuated, self-aware being to learn. When fully embodied it allows all that nervous system tension, anxiety and hyper vigilance to resolve itself.

In connection with the above I’ve also discovered that we must relinquish all of our insistences and allow the natural rhythms, or the comings and the goings, with no attachment or story to them. This doesn’t mean that we stop participating or feeling in response to the comings/goings, but instead that we feel and allow, feel and allow. Again no judgment of right or wrong, but in full acceptance of the rhythm of what is no matter if we feel ready for that particular coming or going.

With this arises a collective transparency. Nothing hidden between or from other selves as there is nothing to hide because nothing is wrong or right, its all simply ok. This opens us into being a collective of beings rather than individuated beings, living within one much larger mind and heart. To give to another is to give to self because other seeming individuated expressions are perceived as extensions of this larger collective you. Collectively learning occurs. This collective group field awareness is a vital ingredient of 4th density living and living love. As I see it this is the eminent awakening and will bring harmony to this planet and those beings that live upon it.

Amanda Hessel

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