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Deity embodiment

Deity embodiment

Bringing your Avatar to life

What exactly does is mean to embody a deity and bring your avatar to life? Let’s start with a couple of definitions in order to create some clarity so that we don’t get lost in terminology. An avatar is the descent of a deity to the earth, or said another way, a soul in bodily form. A deity is a being of divine knowing, a creator, or god/goddess. So essentially when we bring it all together what that all means is that an avatar is the embodiment of a being of divine knowing, which has a more expanded knowing of itself as the creator/god/goddess.

Ok so lets come back to our current perspective of ourselves for a moment as a human. Most humans do not know themselves to be gods/goddesses/creators. Even though this is what we all are and we might conceptual get that to be true, for the most part the direct knowing of ourselves as this, is veiled from our awareness.

So how do we begin to make direct contact with this knowing of what we are as gods/goddesses/creators? The very first step is to entertain that it is indeed possible for you to make contact with this knowing of yourself. Most people have subtle layers of disbelief that have been conditioned through cultural experiences which deny that the world of spirit really exists and/or that they can make contact with it. So check in with yourself and notice where you have these subtle disbeliefs in place so that you can investigate their validity or lack there of and begin the dismantling process of conditioned beliefs that don’t ultimately serve you know yourself.

The next obstacle comes in the form of unworthiness. When we believe ourselves to be unworthy as we are, we inherently negate that we could be a god/goddess/creator. To view ourselves as lacking in value, significance, and power is in direct contradiction to knowing ourselves as god/goddess/creator. As long as we insist on the perception of ourselves as unworthy, or that we have to someway somehow earn our worth, we will be blind to our truer nature.

Making direct contact with your divinity

Piercing the veil of unworthiness

As we shed our disbelief in spirit/God and come into contact with our inherent worth we begin to touch our divinity. We stop keeping ourselves separate from the rest of creation and see our place as god/goddess/creator. The disownment of our power, and hence the God state, becomes more translucent until we arrive at full transparency to it. This is the direct experience of ourselves as we truly are.

When we experience this moving through the veil of disillusionment of self and wake up to realizing ourselves as we are, than our “avatar” expression naturally arises. That which we now know ourselves as, becomes our natural expression here in this form. This is the descent of that knowing of self into this bodily plane of reality. We have moved past the filters in our mind (aka our disbeliefs) so that pure essence of us, our avatar, can simply shine through without impedance of disbelief which previously clouded that which could permeate through our being.

Here we move beyond our ordinary mind and its boxes and containers. We move beyond having to know how things work, why they work or why we do certain things, into directly allowing that which we are to move us with the intelligence that simply knows. Not through mental, conceptual knowing, but instead with direct knowledge of itself. It does not need to “figure itself out” because it simply knows itself.

There isn’t a magic wand that can penetrate this veil of disillusionment for us. We must do the work of exploring and investigating our disbeliefs about soul/spirit and relinquish that which doesn’t serve as ultimate truth. We must also claim our worth, rewrite our stories about ourselves and step into our power so that we can recognize the god/goddess/creator that we are. In this way we get to play/create, which is simply the expression of knowing ourselves, through the freedom that gets revealed when we transform all that which interferes with the truth of our nature.

Though a magic wand can’t get us here we do open into a world of magic once we’ve done the work required. It has its own set of rules which transcend those of the mind, and each individuated expression is unique. That soul essence or deity illuminates, moves, and dances this world of form into being. This is the alchemy of the avatar.

Amanda Hessel

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