Making Contact with the Universal Heart

February 22-23rd, 2020

Bridging the gap between you and the one heart


Bridge the gap between you and the universal heart of the one being.  In truth there is no gap, never has been and never will be.  What you are in truth has always been and is forever present.  Many people however are disconnected from this awareness of their true nature and experience separation from their true self rather than unity as it.

During this 2 day retreat we will be exploring the fields of the human heart, soul and universal heart.  Each level is vital and opens into the next.  We will also support you in discovering and aligning to your purpose and mission for being on this planet.

Experiential activities included in this 2 day retreat:

1. Energetic alignment table sessions to open you to the various levels of heart

2. Somatic exercises to help you experience the range of disconnection to connection and separation to unity

3. Illumination and destabilization of belief systems that are not serving your ultimate truth and interfere with you expressing love in the world

4. Activities related to helping you discover and align to your purpose and mission for being alive here now


Location: 2709 Pine St., Boulder, CO 80302

Dates: February 22-23rd, 2020

Times: Saturday 10a-6p & Sunday 11a-3p

Tea and snacks will be provided.  Please bring a light lunch with you for Saturday.  Lodging is not included in this retreat.  Recommendations for local accommodations will be provided upon request.

Investment: $299

Registration & payment are due by February 8th