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Self-Love Coaching

Knowing that we are love and feeling loved is what I've found to be the biggest roadblock that people run into on their spiritual journeys.  Even if you've done all kinds of work on yourself, are super successful, manifest easily and have spiritual access points into higher frequencies of yourself, you can not avoid this piece of full acceptance and embrace of yourself as you are here now.  


We have all been conditioned one way or another by the human story that we are not good enough, lovable or worthy.  Even if we had the most amazing childhood and upbringing we are still affected by this vibrational patterning that exists here on planet earth.  It is a cloak that we put on the instant we are born and not a moment before.  Most of us believe that we are this cloak, when in truth we are not.


Sometimes it can be tricky to see how we are not feeling loved or knowing that we are love.  Perhaps we don't feel as confident as we would like to or we don't have the exact relationships or friendships we want.  Maybe our energy/aliveness is low to neutral at best or we don't feel as connected to our purpose and service.  These are all subtle expressions of not truly knowing ourselves.


Self-love coaching is geared towards helping you illuminate where you are subtly, or not so subtly, resisting, pushing away or not receiving some aspects of you.  Bringing to light and presencing these areas will allow you to begin to see yourself differently and create a new, true story about who you actually are by helping you connect to yourself though your body, mind, soul and emotions.  

Sessions are done over the phone, Skype/FaceTime or can be done in person if you live or visit Boulder, Colorado.  Cost is $150/hour.  Please fill out the contact form link below with questionnaire in order to schedule a session.


Coaching 10-Series

The Coaching 10-series is an opportunity to do an intensive deep dive into a specific theme, pattern or area of your life.  Perhaps you are wanting deeper healing, more clarity, connection or fuller integration and are seeking support in crossing the bridge to the other side.  This could be something that you've been working with for years or a new area that has recently arisen.  Doing a 10-series gives you the opportunity to step up and commit to what you are truly desiring, which is how results happen.  

Common themes for the Coaching 10-series are as follows.  These themes can be expanding upon or customized to fit your desire.  

1. Spiritual healing & living: diving into the body-mind-spirit connection to heal, learn and resolve spiritual lessons that manifest through the physical body

2. Self-Empowerment: reclaiming your power to see yourself the creator of your life, actualizing and deliberating manifesting what you desire to create, and aligning fully with your purpose and calling for being here on this planet at this time.

3. Self-Realization: knowing your essential self as pure awareness and resting into the nature of reality prior to forms and manifestations

4. Self-Love: accepting self fully, knowing your own stability and strength, and becoming unshakeable and unmovable from your center in and as love

5. Cosmic explorations: connecting to levels of your being beyond the body and mind, intimately knowing your higher self/soul and coming to integrate living as your soul expression on earth

The Coaching 10-series sessions consists of 10 sessions that must be completed in a 12 week period as the purpose of the series is to create an intensive experience and sustainable shift in how you experience yourself and life. Sessions are 60 minutes each.  10-series package must be paid for in advance.  Total cost is $1350.  

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