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Aligned as Love Bootcamp

7 Days
Nosara, Costa Rica
May 2-9, 2020
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Realize & Actualize as Love

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to know and live as your true Self?  

Aligned as Love Bootcamp is a 7 day retreat held at the beautiful Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica.  The intention of this retreat is to illuminate and resolve anything that doesn’t serve you in knowing yourself as Love and actualizing as your calling in this world.  We will be creating a vibrational container where you will have the opportunity to align to your highest self.  You will discover areas that have been out of your awareness and transform any limiting, lack based stories about  who are and what you came to this earth to be.  At the completion of the retreat you will be fully equipped to live your unique expression of love in this world.  

Each day will consist of a combination of the following:

  • Daily Energetic Alignment table sessions: The goal of these sessions is to help you unwind patterns of defense that are keeping you isolated and separate from all of who and what you are.  With daily sessions your system will unravel deeper and deeper layers of protection and throughout the 7 days of this retreat you will make direct experiential contact with more bliss, energy, aliveness and wakefulness.


  • Activities to discover & refine your calling: Your calling is not your career, job or what you do for a living.  It is who you are.  It is the essence with which you come from within everything that you do.  During this retreat you will get clear on the exact flavor that you are and the ease with which you can than create from this place of knowing and alignment with your calling.  


  • Teachings on topics related to self-empowerment & self-realization: Each day Amanda will give teachings that will illuminate where you are not living in your power and are still believing that life is happening to you.  There will also be silent and guided meditations that point to your fundamental nature as awareness.  The teachings and meditations will ultimately be based on what the unique group of beings that come together for this retreat call for and what is alive in the field when we come together.  


  • Exercises in Love: These will be a series of different activities that we will do over the course of the week that help you identify the different rhythms of consciousness from separation into unity with/as Source.  There will also be relational, forgiveness and gratitude based exercises.  These will provide you with the opportunity to resolve that which you’ve been subtlety or not so subtlety keeping solid, fixed and rigidly in place and which isn’t serving you.  

  • Play time on the beaches of Costa Rica: There are a variety of excursions which you can book while you are here.  These include horseback riding on the beach, ocean kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canopy zip line tours, river kayaking, bird watching tours, waterfall hikes, surfing lessons, surf board rentals and turtle refuge tours.  The amenities at the retreat also include direct beach access, saltwater infinity pool, and spa services.  Each evening will be free for play time and two of the afternoons during the retreat will be down time that you can use for booking activities of your choosing or relaxing around at the center.  

This will be a luxury retreat where you will experience the magic of the land and the unique vibrational container that we will all be co-creating together.  Each being’s presence will be supporting the whole of the group in coming alive and waking up to themselves.  This is not a retreat to come to and simply consume.  Instead those that come will be coming together to share and be of support in whatever ways they are called during our time together.  If you get this and are willing to show up as this, you will truly embody what it is to Live as Love.  

This is our most immersive retreat and is for the committed, genuine and sincere seekers only.  Those who are ready to live as love and will align themselves 100% will their calling no matter what.  There is a maximum of 25 participants.  This will allow for us to go deep and for each being that participates to receive the attention and support that they are seeking.  

Registration includes:

  • Full retreat tuition

  • Private room on site for 7 nights.   Shared room options are also available.  There are several room options and different price points depending on which you choose.

  • All meals beginning with dinner on the first night through breakfast on the last morning.    Delicious, gourmet vegetarian cuisine with fresh local fish 3x/week.  Locally farmed and organic produce are used when available.  

  • Access to Blue spirit grounds and beach

Spa services, excursions, airfare and traveling fees are not included.  There are two international airports in Costa Rica.  It is recommended to fly into Liberia International Airport (LIR).  There are shuttle transfers from/to Liberia which cost $60 per person each way.  Blue Spirit retreat center takes care of all of the details regarding shuttle transfers for each participant.  More information available upon registration.  


About Blue Spirit Retreat Center:

Blue Spirit Retreat Center is one of the foremost world-class retreat centers in Costa Rica, providing an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal growth, and environmental sustainability.  Located in Nosara, Blue Spirit is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile white sand beach. The pristine nature, subtropical climate, dedicated staff, and the healing energy of the Nosara community create the ideal environment for this retreat to become an unforgettable and deeply nurturing experience.

Begins: Saturday May 2nd, 2020 at 8p

Ends: Saturday May 9th, 2020 after breakfast

Investment: Range from $2875-$3995.  Price depends on your room accommodation choice.


Due to contractual obligations with the resort refunds are not possible with this retreat.  If you require a payment plan we are happy to create one for you.  Please inquire for details.  

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