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Aligned as Love

Waking up Hearts to Live Love on Earth



Aligned as Love was founded by Dr. Amanda Love, DC.  It is a portal where beings can receive support in coming into full alignment as Love and create as being Love in this world.  The basic premise is built on knowing that our truest essence is Love and that the next evolution of humanity is dependent on us knowing ourselves beyond simply being a body-mind.  

To know ourselves beyond our separate individuated identity we must access our heart.  Opening our heart opens us into the one heart where we move into a collective awareness of self rather than an isolated awareness localized in a body.  Love is not an emotion, but rather a vibratory awareness of oneness, non-separation and unity. 

The vision of Aligned as Love is for all beings to realize themselves as Love and actualize Love in service to creating a collective humanity in service to all.


Dr. Amanda Love is a Love Creatrix and facilitator of methods that help beings align to love.  These methods include energetic alignments, destabilizing unsupportive belief systems and means to tune to increasingly subtler aspects of Self.  Amanda is devoted to helping people know that they are loved, that they are love and reconnecting to both their human heart and the one heart.   

She has trained extensively in the energetics, self-empowerment, and self-realization.  She holds degrees in chiropractic, acupuncture and occupational therapy .  She has gifts in using sound, energy and clarity of heart and mind to point to and experience truth.  She is 100% committed to being aligned as love herself and transmits this through her presence.

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Mandy Greenlee, Luminous Practitioner 

Amanda is a tour de force in the way she utilizes open pathways to ignite reorganization back to wellness and higher states of embodied love.  She is an expression of love and creates an environment where people can expand together.


Kristy Sweetland, Transformational Life coach

My work with Amanda has launched me into a new inner stratosphere. Her mastery has guided me from a place of doubt and fear to a fierce place inside of me where my own empowerment was hanging out, waiting to emerge.  I am so grateful for the work and wisdom I have received from Amanda.


Jay Uecker, Chiropractor 

Amanda is a master.  Her work is grounded and concise.  She's not guessing where I am in the healing journey.  There's also that something-REALLY-special that she's embodied and integrated into her work, which is her soul's gift to us all.  She delivers without ego and when receiving her support I feel so OK with myself, the clamoring of all my parts quiet down and I feel that quiet within my bones. 


Brittany Orowitz, Medical Intuitive

Amanda helped me see and be with my system in a new way that reduced defense patterning and increased my access to universal resource and my own personal power.  I now feel more joy, confidence and a deeper oneness with life.  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to deepen their awakening and move through live with more love, connection and purpose.

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